About OMNI

Omni group is one of the top leading companies that provide safety nets solutions and fall protection installation services through a combination of expert’s knowledge and highly skilled professionals who serves in south India with over 10+ years of experience. We provide all kind of nets along with intensive services in different sectors like industrial, commercial and domestic aspects.
Wherever height may present in danger, our skilled technician and materials give enough strength for your protection. We have 100% happy customers for our best services in all over south India especially in Bangalore and been a favourable for all sectors of safety nets of our clients.


We Have 10+ years of Experience in Safety Nets Dealers in All Over South India

When it comes to high rise building like construction sites, office building, sports arena, apartments and shopping mall, Omni group of safety nets provides you the latest and unique technology services with customizable fall protector equipment’s.This will lower your risk of high safety concern and higher your trust with us.


Customer Delight : We deliver Omni channel customer services to our clients which means all in one service provider like social media, digital media, print media channel in one platform to get them satisfied with our quality products and services. We are an active listener to understand our customer’s need, expectations, pain points and align our services in order to impress them.

Innovative Technology : We always walk along with latest and advance technology and materials to meet our customer’s expectations according to their needs and safety measurements.

Quality Assurance : We offers only high-quality nets services in affordable prices with principles that our products will “Delight customer’s”

Affordable Prices : We provide best and guaranteed products with 100% good quality at reasonable prices along with a warranty period.

Free Installation & Inspection : we offer absolute free installation of net fixing for all types of requirements in all over south India especially in Bangalore.

24*7 Customer Support : Our professional team are available 24*7 to serve our customers whenever they are having any queries. We streamline all the customer’s conversation under one platform and provide a cohesive experience to them.

Provide Visible view from outside : We does not block the view from a terrace or windows. Our fine services by our expert technicians provide barely visible view from outside which seems that the net is almost invisible. It is not as obstructive as metal bars.


We Are the Best Choice for Your Safety Nets Services

Omni group of safety net solutions and fall installation services have served almost all major residential and commercial requirements. We offer best quality nets in competitive prices. We are specialized in guaranteed quality products to safeguard people arrest falling or flying by limiting the distance by our skilled technicians.

Balcony Safety nets
Cricket Practise nets
Children Safety nets
Bird protection nets
Dust Area nets
Mosquito Safety Net
Green Shade nets
Birds Spikes
Construction Safety nets
Industrial safety nets
Swimming pool safety nets
Staircase safety nets
Monkey safety nets
Glass safety nets
Coconut safety nets
All sports practice nets
Pigeon nets
Anti bird nets
Pigeon nets for balcony
Plant support netting
Agro shade nets
Shade nets
Terrace Top nets
Car parking safety nets

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